Address: Tyska brinken 36

Opening in 1985, and is one of the oldest Japanese restaurant´s in Stockholm. They also got a sushi bar and two tatami-rooms. The meny presents both sushi dishes and sukiyaki as traditional Japanese food. You can also eat delicious, hand made dumplings, which actually melts in the mouth. You can order dim sum mon – fri from 13.30 and during weekends.

Price: Rather expensive BUT really delicious and tasteful food, so it is definitely worth it! Excellent service, terrific view and nice staff.

Dim Sum menu.


Opening hours:

Mon – Thurs 11 – 22

Fri 11 – 22.30

Sat 14 – 22.30

Sun 14 – 21

Lunch, Mon – Fri between 11 – 14.

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