Address: Svartmangatan 16 (entrance)

Tyska Kyrkan (also known as The Church of Saint Gertrude) was founded in 1571. At the beginning the building was a Guild Lounge for German merchantmen in the Swedish capital city (which constituted a large part of the Swedish population). The first renovation took place in 1642, led by a German architect named Jacob Kristiar, who was given the church a gothic style.

Some parts of the church was destroyed during a fire in 1878. Another German architect, named Julius Raschdorff, was commissioned to renovate the church again. For instance he built a 96 meter tower, which is the highest peak in The Old Town today.

The church is very beautiful and pompous. Many people believe that this is one of Stockholm´s most magnificent building.

The German Saint Gerturde Parish, is one of the oldest German-speaking Parish who exists in a foreign country.

On the gate that leads into the church you will see this message: “Fürchtet Gott! Ehret den König!” Which roughly means: “Fruit God revere the king!”


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