Address: Trångsund 1

Sankt Nikolai church, also known as Storkyrkan (The Great Church) and the cathedral of Stockholm, is the oldest church in The Old Town. The first time Storkyrkan was mentioned in a written source was in 1279 and became a Lutheran protestant church in 1527.  At the beginning the citizens called it the village church since it belonged to the city and wasn´t owned by any monastery.  Storkyrkan was consecrated to St. Nikolai (the saint of shipping and trade) and to Virgin Mary (as everyone knows  – Jesus´s mother) and to St. Erik (the patron saint of Stockholm).

1306 the church had it´s first inauguration but during the 1330s and the 1400s Storkyrkan went through several conversions. At the beginning of the 1500s the church got it´s current architecture. At lot of renovations have been conducted since.

Opening hours

Mon – Sun 9 -16

Statue of the reformer and historian Olaus Petri.


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