Address: Trångsund 10

Located near Storkyrkan (The Great Church). The entrance will lead you down to a prison from the middle ages. The cafe got 120 seats. Lunch serves between 11-15, but when I visited them I could order lunch earlier. You can´t pay with card here, which I have to say, is pretty strange. It is certainly uncommon here in The Old Town.

Price: Lunch of the day for 85 SEK, today I could choose lasagne, pizza or baked potato. I went with the first, as you can see in the picture. The price also includes salad, bread and cold beverage. This café got a lot of different cakes and pastries, such as chocolate cake, carrot cake, buns and cookies. Coffee or tea with waffles costs 65 SEK, salads 95 SEK and cold dishes costs 105 SEK.

My lunch: Lasagna with too much cheese and too little bolognese…

I have noticed that this is a quite strong tourist attraction, especially during Christmas time, probably because it´s located between Storkyrkan (The Great Church) and Stortorget (The Great Square).

Calm and peaceful work environment. I like!

Opening hours:

Mon – Fri



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