Address: Stora Nygatan 32

Café Kladdkakan is popular, especially during spring and summer, so you may have a quite hard time to get a seat here. Of course I tasted one of the cafés chocolate cake (The name of the café is Café Kladdkakan = Café Chocolate cake) during my visit. The cake was very sweet and creamy, maybe a bit too sweet. The rhubarb cobbler was delicious but also too sweet. Overall, the pastries here are really good.

Price: You can buy coffee for 25 SEK, soda for 30 SEK and pastries for 40 each. Pasta dishes for 99 SEK and salads for 95 SEK. Compering to other cafés nearby this one is a bit more expensive.

Opening hours:

Mon – Fri 7 – 19

Sat 8 -19

Sun 9 – 19

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Cafe Kladdkakan, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating