If you ask me which part of Stockholm provides the most magnificent and exiting stories about Stockholm´s history, which is worth seeing, I would probably tell you to go to the Old Town. Here you will find Storkyrkan (The Great Church) and the main square, which was the center part of the capital city many years ago. You will also find a lot of good, and of course some less well, restaurants and cafes.

Since I live in Old Town, I get to know and discover every single part here. While most of the people who comes here, usually just stays for the day or maybe they booked a hotel for a weekend, but rarely they have the opportunity to live and create a hole life in the middle of this magical and cultural atmosphere.

On this site I will regularly upload news, information and other valuable tourist tips.

If you happened to have any questions about the Old Towns history, which cafes serves the best coffee or how to avoid less attractive and tasteless restaurants, please email me @: emelie@signaturebykalen.se

Buy me a coffee and I will tell you about The Old Town. 😉

Emelie Kalén, Freelance journalist


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